Xmas At Graze Inn

When going out to dine with friends, family, or colleagues; we expect great food, drinks and all round good service. Here at Graze Inn, our ethos is to go that one step further. In addition to feeding your bellies and quenching your thirst, our aim is to offer an experience and bring people together โ€“ and what better time of year to do that than Christmas.

This year, our chefs have created a Christmas menu with the aim to combine festive tradition with a 'Graze Inn' twist and we think you will love it! Whether looking for a casual get together with colleagues before breaking up for the holidays, a catch up lunch with some old friends, or a large family meal, weโ€™re here to add that little sparkle into your festivities.

Our team enjoy nothing more than seeing our customers with a smile on their faces, and we guarantee they will go above and beyond to make your time shared with us as positive as possible!







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