Your Charity Contribution Goes Along Way

Here at Graze Inn, we offer the opportunity to add an additional £1 on to your bill which is proudly donated directly to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, an incredible charity and facility based on our doorstep.

We often get asked “well, where does the money go?” and we are really proud to be able to share the awesome details with you. To find out a little more, we recently caught up with the Children’s Hospital to discuss how we can maximise our relationship, as well as learn a little more about the projects we have been supporting with the generous donations they receive from our customers. And it’s fair to say, we were blown away!

Sheffield Children’s Hospital is more than just a facility for the locally ill or injured children of the South Yorkshire Area. Young children are flown in from all over the globe to receive unique and life-saving treatment provided by the expert surgeons, doctors and nurses who work extremely hard on a daily basis to offer the best care, treatment and advanced technology necessary to help the most vulnerable of our society in their desperate time of need. 2 years ago, the hospital had 270 thousand patient journeys to the hospitality, with 11 thousand specialist operations for children from all over the globe, with over 45 different countries sending children for specialist treatment.

We are extremely proud to have such an important establishment homed here within our small Steel City. Heartbreakingly, many of the children staying at the hospital are there for many months, even years. To help enhance their stay and add a little positivity in to a truly difficult time, Sheffield Children’s Hospital have been busy with a refurbishment project to increase the size, layout and facilities of the bedrooms for their patients to stay in. Unfortunately, the received funding from the NHS isn’t quite enough to cover the vast improvements the hospital has set out to achieve. But that’s where you come in.

Yes, you. The donations received by our customers over the years here at Graze Inn have been phenomenal. Thanks to you, Graze Inn have been able to donate enough money to pay for an entire bedroom, a life changing room for young children and their families to make there extremely scary journey, just that little bit easier.

It is from the bottom of our hearts that we say the biggest thank you to you, our wonderful customers, for your continued support in our journey to help Sheffield Children’s Hospital on theirs.

We will soon be going to visit out “Graze Inn Bedroom” and thoroughly look forward to providing you with updates.

See you soon,

Team Graze x

Matthew Wood