Welcome Back Students!

The supermarkets are fully stocked with stationary packs, the fancy dress outfits are all packed, and it is time to say those emotional farewells to your parents as you load up the car and make your way back to your second home!

It’s been a busy summer for us here at Graze Inn. We’ve been blessed with some wonderful sunny days, and Eccy Road has been bursting with excitement with youngsters enjoying their summer holidays. But, as with every summer, Eccy Road has been missing that extra little sparkle we look forward to welcoming back every year!

To all the freshers moving to the Steel City for the first time, a huge welcome! Whether studying at Sheffield Hallam or University of Sheffield, we hope you have the most amazing few years living in our neck of the woods. From the management team here at Graze, to our waitresses and bar team, many of us were once, or still are, proud students and graduates of these amazing establishments.

So, we thought we’d offer you a few pieces of advice on how to maximise your time at University:

“Don’t be afraid to be the class geek! When I returned to Uni after my placement year, my tutor told me my recent work was no stronger than a 2:2 at best. I saw that as a challenge and went above and beyond in all the modules I loved to bump that grade up. Yes, it could be embarrassing at times being the ‘nerdy one’ but at least I can look back and think there was nothing more I could do and be proud of the certificate on hanging on my wall! Like the same tutor used to say ‘the tassle is worth the hassle’, and he was right!”
– Stephanie Hart, Sales and Marketing Manager, Event Management, Hallam.

“Leave your car at home! You have moved to a wonderfully compact city which has everything on your door stop! Whether based on Ecclesall Road, or within the City Centre itself, there isn’t anywhere you can’t get too by walking or a quick 5 minute bus trip. Save the petrol money and the parking permits to get a couple more rounds in during Freshers Week! And remember, you are at Uni for yourself; for your experience and for your future. If your course isn’t for you, change. Yes, it may not be ideal to swap courses mid semester, but you are investing in you, not anybody else.”
– Sarah Jeffrey, Restaurant Manager, Hospitality and Catering Management, Hallam.

We are offering a 10% discount on food, 7 days a week to students. All you need is a valid NUS card to receive the discount. And don’t forget to make the most of our other offers too! Join us for after lecture cocktails, 241 during Happy Hour, or celebrate your birthday with us. Bring along 9 of your housemates and course friends and your meals on us!

See you soon,

Team Graze x

Stephanie Hart